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Q: Are your parties mainly for people who already know about wine?

A: Definitely not! If you already know about wine then I can plan accordingly but the vast majority of my hosts and their guests actually want to go through the basics of wine-tasting and learn how to be more confident in ordering wine in a restaurant and in serving and drinking it at social events.

Q: Do you bring food at the parties?

A: No. Our insurance only allows us to deal with wine. It is a good idea to have little snacks such as bread-sticks and crackers for your guests to nibble on in-between the wines.

If you are planning to have food for your guests then it’s a good idea to let us know what will be on the menu so that we can also demonstrate some principles of wine and food pairing.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: Normally within a radius of 30 miles from our base but we can travel further if required. This is something we can negotiate at the time of the quote.

Q: What can one expect from your parties?

A: Something fun, classy but informal. You will learn a lot about wine whilst having fun.Find out more in this blogpost: Mimi’s Wine-tasting Parties Each party is bespoke so you can specify things that you want/don’t want to include in it at the time of the quote.

Q: I heard that you get people to play games, are they drinking games?

A: Unless you use the spittoons, the chances are that you will not be sober at the end of the party ( so no driving allowed!) but it is not the point of the party never to get people completely drunk, it is to show them how to better appreciate wine. Wine is so much more than just alcohol. Each artisan wine is unique, each has its own story, its own personality and that is what I want to get across with my games. So, for example, if you decide you want something a little unconventional in wine-tasting then I have activities where you can match wines with all sorts of things: cars, music, characters…. Those games always get the conversation and laughter going! But if you want to be a bit more serious then we can stick to quizzes and similar more “brainy” activities.

Q: What kind of wines do you serve at the parties?


We like to work with organic wines wherever possible and can advise you as to where to buy the selection. Occasionally, when a venue already sells their own wines, we will use their selection but we will always let you know if their wines are not certified organic or if we can’t guarantee they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Q: What makes organic wines so special?

A: There are some very strict rules wine producers have to follow in order to be able to label their wines as organic. They are not allowed to use any nasty chemicals so their wines are purer and much lower in sulphites than “regular” wines. This means that you most probably will not have as much of a hangover the next day!